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Listen to the heart of Dão, between the Serra da Estrela and Serra do Caramulo.

In Carregal do Sal, between Dão and the Mondego river, Quinta de Cabriz is a wine-developer of the region, with 38 hectares of vines, dominated by a manor house of the XVII Century. A huge wine-producing complex that combines quality wines with wine tourism, holding rooms for social, cultural and corporate events, wine-shop and restaurant.

In Quinta de Cabriz Restaurant taste the best of wines and food from the Dão region. In the kitchen, executive-chef Diogo Rocha masters the region´s gastronomical secrets to your satisfaction.

Guided Tours
Wine Tasting and Courses
Social and Cultural Events
Corporate Events
Wine Shop

Carregal do Sal-Viseu
Tel: (+351) 232 960 140
Mail daosul@daosul.com

40º 25´30.03" N
08º 01´06.80" W

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday 9h00 - 22h00
Leaving A1 in Coimbra Norte, take IP3 until Santa Comba Dão. Leave the IP3 and take IC12 to Tábua, Mangualde, Carregal do Sal, Serra da Estrela until Carregal do Sal. Turn to Carregal do Sal and in the round-about turn right where you will find Quinta de Cabriz Restaurant.

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