• Quinta do Encontro
Quinta do Encontro

In the Bairrada Wine Region, Quinta do Encontro stands out for having a different production philosophy and image.

Located in São Lourenço do Bairro, Anadia, with tradition in the production of wines since 1930, the new winery has a different way of communicating wine. Here, production includes white, red and sparkling wines in a modern style, that range from QdoE to Encontro 1.

In this serene and peacefull landscape, dominated by vineyards and with the mountains of Caramulo and Bussaco in the background, its interior has a restaurant, wine shop, different multi-task areas and a tourism trail. The visitor can feel the wine culture from the vineyards to the wine tasting.

The Quinta do Encontro project is born in 2000 with a different concept of what the Bairrada region was used to. The wines produced here are modern and innovative.

In 2005 the need to interact with the region and increase the vinification capability, a new winery began being built. This design winery is home to an innovative wine tourism concept. In the unique space the visitor can get to know the various stages of wine production, from the vineyards to the wine tastings. This winery has a restaurant and wine-bar open everyday, a wine shop, and several rooms that can be used for tastings, wine courses and social and business events.

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