• Sá de Baixo
Sá de Baixo

In the Douro Valley, Encostas do Douro, has its head-quarters in Quinta Sá de Baixo, located in Sedielos, Peso da Régua. The grapes used are from two different estates: Quinta Sá de Baixo and Paço da Serviçaria, respecting their natural "terroir".

Vinification is done part in the modern wine cellar and part in the ancient granite "Lagares". The aging of the red wines are made partly in stainless steel vats and part in French oak barrels. The white wines are fermented at low temperatures, with shorter aging and bottled young to preserv its freshness and balance.

The brands produced here are Sá de Baixo, Palestra and Sá de Baixo Late Bottled Vintage. In 2008 a new brand was made with the name of Casa de Santar - the white and red wines Conde de Sabugal- a title of José Luis Vasconcellos e Souza.

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